Donate an Eastersack to a family in Uganda

Help a family in Uganda with an Eastersack. Many families in Uganda are very needy so you can help spread some joy to some of the most needy people on Earth. Our social worker selects a family who receives your gift and you will receive some photos as a receipt.

Education and future...

When you choose to become a sponsor to a child, you ensure the child's schooling, school materials, food and care. A sponsorship cost about 22USD per month. When the child gets a sponsor, it's not just a help for the child, but for the whole family.

Donate a Corona food parcel to a family

Help a needy family with a food parcel. The food package includes bags of cornmeal and beans, which many Ugandans loves.

Plant 100 trees in Africa

You can now help us plant 100 eucalyptus trees in Uganda. The trees are planted on Child Care´s land in Masaka, Uganda and after 3-4 years we can start harvesting wood. The trees then shoot up again like parsley ;-)

With this project we want to plant 100,000 trees, and as a thank you you will receive pictures of the trees you have planted.

Volunteering in Uganda

We have had volunteers for several years, who have been volunteering for a shorter or longer time, and who help with the many tasks in the organization.

If you have a dream of coming to Uganda to work as a volunteer, then UCC might be the place for you.

Become a member

You can also choose to join our organisation. As a joined member you contribute 150 Danish Krones, this is about 22 USD, every year.

We need members so, instead of having to choose a sponsor child, you could consider a membership.

As a member you receive our newsletters and you can follow our work here on the website.