Donér en Madpakke til en familie i Uganda

Lige nu er mange familier i Uganda  i store vanskeligheder pga. corona krisen. 

Du kan her give en madpakke til en familie i Uganda. Vi afleverer din gave til familien og du modtager som tak et billede af familien med din gave.

Education and future...

When you choose to become a sponsor to a child, you ensure the child's schooling, school materials, food and care. A sponsorship cost about 22USD per month. When the child gets a sponsor, it's not just a help for the child, but for the whole family.

Volunteering in Uganda

We have had volunteers for several years, who have been volunteering for a shorter or longer time, and who help with the many tasks in the organization.

If you have a dream of coming to Uganda to work as a volunteer, then UCC might be the place for you.

Become a member

You can also choose to join our organisation. As a joined member you contribute 150 Danish Krones, this is about 22 USD, every year.

We need members so, instead of having to choose a sponsor child, you could consider a membership.

As a member you receive our newsletters and you can follow our work here on the website.