Read about some of our projects here. A large part of the work we do consists in sustainable efforts To earn money for the projects. Furthermore, these projects contribute to creating jobs for many people in Uganda.

The Babyhome
25–30 small children are here at the baby home in masaka. Sometimes children are left at the hospital after the mother has given birth to the child using a fake name and disappearing the next day.

Others are left on the street, at garbage dumps, restrooms or restaurants. When they are found they are often brought to The authorities who notify childcare. we take the child in immediately.

We do our best to save the children and give them a safe and healthy upbringing. Many are adopted; in some cases we successfully establish contact with the child’s parents. It has happened that some children stay with us.
Emmanuel children's home

Founded in 2018, this is now home for eight children. The children come from the baby home where they have spent the first two years of their lives. To social workers work here, each taking turns living with The children. The children here live a normal life with chores Rights. The school they attend is two minutes away from the home.

Childcare runs two schools (catcher gods grace primary school and Emmanuel community school in Uganda and collaborates with over 30 schools in the country. Most of the schools are in the district where our headquarters is also located.

The schools have qualified teachers who make sure the children get the education they need and learn to become good citizens. Additionally, the schools make sure that all children are fed every day.

Secondhand shop

In our Secondhand shop in Klarup we sell nice recycled clothing, some of which is collected in our clothing containers, which are located in Gistrup (v. Butcher) and at Norremarksvej 28, 9270 Klarup at the warehouse hotel.

In addition to recycled clothing, we have African utility items as well as coffee. The coffee is sold in whole beans, but you can always grind the beans yourself in the store.

Farm project

At our farm at Emmanuel School and Orphanage we have our farm project. Here we cultivate pineapples, which are sold as well as bananas, beans, corn and more. to benefit the school and orphanage.

Besides this field we have a forest of 6000 eucalyptus trees. These are also being sold for the benefit  the orphanages.

Klarup Storage hotel

Klarup Storage Hotel is located at Norremarksvej 28, 9270 Klarup Denmark. The buildings are a closed slaughterhouse that we bought. We have now converted the slaughterhouse into storage rooms and boxes that people rent for storage.

It has turned out to be a really good idea with storage space and everything is rented out. Right now we have some maintenance on the buildings, but in time all the profits of the warehouse will go to the projects in Uganda.

Clothes for Uganda

We have set up clothing centres in Gistrup and Klarup Where are you can hand in your used children’s clothing. Some clothing is packed and brought to Uganda but other organisations have also benefited from the clothes packed in our storage hotel

Café Frikadellen
Frikadellen has been around for a few years. It started because we needed a nice place to eat in town. Then we had the idea of a good Danish restaurant where we could eat good food while having access to the Internet.

There’s a barbecue every Friday where mostly for an NGO workers, missionaries and tourists.

We have a staff of six people in charge of food and costumer care.

All the proceeds from the restaurant go directly childcares work in Uganda
Craft Shop

Our Craftshop is located in Masaka, Uganda at Café Frikadellen.

The shop is looked after by Joan Sørensen, who buys things in Kampala and who then price tags and sets it up in the store. So when tourists come to visit the Café, while waiting for the food, they can visit the store and buy gifts to bring back home for the family.

All the profits from the business goes to our orphanages and projects.

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