KBD147 Rose Nalugo

Land: Uganda
Barns nr.: KBD
Pris pr. måned.: 
150 Kr.
Barns navn: Rose Nalugo
Emmanuel Community School
Top Class
Skole type: 
Barns information:

Rose Nalugo is a shy and reserved girl born on  26-04-2012 now  6 years  studying at Emmanuel community School in top class. She stays with her parents and siblings namely  Moses 13 years, Viola 10 years, Annette 08 years, Janet 02 years and they all sleep in a two roomed house built with bricks and roofed with iron sheets and  the land is owned by the  land lord. The parents are peasant farmers who depend on growing crops and rearing animals. Among the crops grown include maize, cassava, sweet potatoes and beans and they keep some hens. A borehole 500meters away from home serves as a water source for the family and Rose engaging in carrying a small jerry can full of water. She also participates in digging and collecting firewood.  During school time, Rose walks a distance of 500meters to school every day with her friends. Her favorite subject is numbers and wants to become a Nurse in the future to treat the sick people. During her free time, Rose love to play hide and seek, family games where she acts as a mother, making dolls and jumping the rope. She is in amazingly in good health and also the rest of the family members and they are very proud of it. Rose is a promising girl but her future is worrying because her parents are very needy, they move around the village to dig for the people such that they get what to eat. Therefore Rose needs your fatherly love to make her dream of becoming a nurse come true.