Sponsorship - Precious Kemigisha

$ 26,67 / month
Item number: Sponsorship fee - 322 Precious Kemigisha

Precious at 9 years old is a sweet and smiling girl. The girl and her four siblings have just moved into Child Care's orphanage, Emmanuel Home II, after being picked up from their home in the area, Katete Village, near the border with Tanzania. Precious grew up in poor conditions, and the children's mother has at times been forced to leave the family to look around for small jobs in remote areas. During these periods, the children's old and sick grandmother has tried to take care of the children, but often it has still been Precious' big sister of 13 years who has had to take care of cooking for the family as well as doing laundry and other housework. Precious is a nimble and curious girl. She is apparently in good health. The girl continues her top-class schooling at Emmanuel Community School.